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Ductwork Basics

Air Ducts are a critical part of your heating and cooling delivery system, yet they are given very little emphasis during construction. We encounter many systems with 92% efficient Cooling Systems and 50% efficient duct systems. In order to have a duct system that performs properly, there are a few do’s and don’ts that must be understood: Air Duct Replacement
Duct Sizing

In order to arrive at the proper duct size, a heat loss calculation must be done on every house, or every model in a development. In addition, every “problem room” must have its own calculation done to ensure proper delivery.

Problem rooms would include rooms, especially bathrooms, over garages, Cape Cod style knee wall rooms, rooms with high ceilings, rooms built over a vented crawlspace, or any room configuration that could result in high exposure to the elements. It doesn’t hurt to slightly oversize ducts to problem areas.
Many supply ducts are installed inside the heated shell, and leaked supply air is contained inside of a properly sealed house. However, the larger potential leakage points should be sealed to get the air to go where you want it to.

We have seen 50 year old houses with well designed duct systems, and brand new houses with ones that are poorly designed. If you are building a new home, the changes needed are generally inexpensive and very worthwhile. If you have an older home, problems can be a bit harder to fix, but the solutions are still possible.
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Air Ducts Repair & Air Duct Replacement
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