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We are Committed to Protecting your Family's Health with our Superior Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing Services. 
We use the Most Advanced Equipment Available & Hypoallergenic Sanitizing Agents.
The supply and return sides of the HVAC system are "zoned" so they can be cleaned separately. This is usually accomplished using zone bags. An access hole is cut into the return side of the HVAC system, the vacuum is connected using a connection collar and the vacuum is turned on. Each return vent cover is carefully removed and vacuumed cleaned.

Starting with the farthest branch from the vacuum and working toward the closest, each branch is individually cleaned back to the main trunk using a combination of compressed air & agitation tools. Any rolling dust conditions will be removed with this process.
After all the branch runs have been cleaned, the main trunk is cleaned back to the Air Handler. Once the return side has been cleaned, the supply side will then be cleaned. All supply registers will be cleaned using compressed air and initiation on the main trunk lines. Any etched or rolling dust conditions will be removed with this process.

After the entire ductwork has been cleaned, the ductwork can then be sanitized and the furnace can be air washed if applicable. Once the entire cleaning process is completed, all access holes are completely closed and insulated sealing off any leaks, making the duct systems easily accessible for repeat cleaning.
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Air duct Cleaning for your home varies in cost based on the needs of your duct system. 

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