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Air Conditioner Installation
Whether you want to install an air conditioner for the first time or you’re ready to replace an aging system, we have you covered. We can professionally size and install a central air conditioning system that is perfectly suited to your needs and budget.

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Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner

Your home will be more efficient—which can mean big savings for you. Central air conditioners can have high upfront costs, making them seem like a big investment. However, numerous tests have shown central air conditioners end up saving homeowners considerable amounts of money! Our central air conditioners can be as much as 22 SEER probably more than double any air conditioner installed more than 10 years ago. With this high of an efficiency rating, installing a central air conditioner will have a payback period of just a few short years.
You’ll be more comfortable. Your new air conditioner will be able to effectively circulate the conditioned air throughout the entire house, evenly distributing it in every room for consistent comfort. And it will dehumidify the air flowing through your house, eliminating the stickiness and discouraging the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.
They’re better for the environment. When you install a more efficient system, you’ll be wasting a lot less energy—which, in turn, is much better for the environment because you’ll be contributing fewer harmful emissions.
Choosing The Right Air Conditioner System

We are a Ruud Premier Dealer and we offer many exceptional Ruud products to suit a wide variety of needs all guaranteed to keep your home cool for less and last years and years.

We do offer other products but we recommend Ruud & Comfort Maker due to the performance and reliability of the units.
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Air Conditioning Installation 
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